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In the Doraha Ullu web series story, a couple has been shown who have just got married and the husband disappears on the night of Suhaag Raat.

The bride’s brother-in-law takes full advantage of this opportunity, and along with the bride, the brother-in-law secretly enjoys the honeymoon.

The next day, when the bride comes to know that her husband is missing from the night itself, then who celebrated the Suhaag Raat with her.

It is known to the bride that there is only one person in the house, one person is married, the other is the father-in-law, and there is only one person who is happy with the bride.

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When the bride talks to the brother-in-law about this, the brother-in-law accepts that he had celebrated the Suhaag Raat that night.

Now brother-in-law and sister-in-law keep making relation with each other against each other’s wish and they become an illegitimate relation.

One day brother-in-law’s relationship gets fixed, knowing which her sister-in-law gets tensed as to what will happen next and who will fulfill her wish now.

Another twist of the story comes and the next day the real husband of the bride also returns home.

To know what happens next in the story, you will have to watch the web series in full on Ullu App.

Doraha Ullu Web Series Watch Online

Credit: Ullu YouTube

Releasing Date

27th December 2022

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